Moscow Global Biennale of Graphic Design Golden Bee

Art historian, art critic, curator, editor, expert, art director and graphic designer.

Born January 23, 1952.

Graduated from Moscow Institute of Telecommunication (1974) and Academy of Fine Arts, I. Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1986).

Dr. Serge Serov’s publications include books:
Style in Graphic Design. From 60s through 80s (1991)
The Best Symbols and Logos 1990-1995 (1995)
Moscow-Poster / Address Moscow (1995)
The Best Business Cards of Russia (1997)
Golden Bee. Posters in the 90s from the collection of Moscow International Biennale of Graphic Design (2002)
My Designers (2002)
Harmony of Classical Typography (2003)
Typography of Visual Communication (2003)
Typography of Virtual Reality (2004)
Moscow Conceptual Posters of the 1990s (2004)
Graphics of Modern Logos (2005)
Stars of Graphic Design. Yury Gulitov (2007)
Stars of Graphic Design. Dan Reisinger (2008)
Polish School of Poster (in collaboration with Krzysztof Dydo) (2008)
and about 500 articles, published in Russia, Belgium, Check Republic, Chine, England, Germany, Iran, Japan, Ukraine, USA.

In collaboration with Nick Bell, Anthon Beeke, Werner Jeker, Uwe Loesch, Fernando Gutiérrez, Stefan Sagmeister, Ken Cato and Shigeo Fukuda he was author and  curator of “Area. 10 curators, 100 designers, 10 classics” Phaidon edition (2004).

He was editor-in-chief of the professional design revues Greatis and Union of Designers, visual advertisement expert for Advertising: Theory and Practice, consultant editor of Reklamist (Advertiser) newspaper, art director of Istina i Zhizn (Truth and Life) Christian Magazine.

He was a member of the President of Russia Committee of the State Awards for Art and Literature.

He was an organizer and curator of more than 100 design exhibitions, competitions and events in Russia and abroad. 

He is Head of the High Academic School of Graphic Design (Member of Icograda Education Network).

He is President of the Academy of Graphic Design (Member of Icograda).

He is Russia’s representative at the Icograda and the IBCC.

Serge Serov has been decorated by the Golden Honorary Badge of Public Respect, Rodchenko Award, Honorable Diploma of U.N. Council for Public Awards, etc.