Entry Categories




All themes, types and genres of poster design


Graphic Design and Music

CD, DVD, flyers, stickers and any other collateral design relating to the music industry



Graphic Design and Religion

Books, magazines, booklets and any other graphic design works for religion



Graphic Design and New Media

Multimedia, television and interactive graphics, video, animation, screen installations and any other innovative new media graphic design works


Special project 'All Gold of the World'

Posters awarded Grands Prix, Golden Awards and First Prizes in the key international contests between 2000 and 2010

Participation Terms and Conditions

1. Category (A) entries should be dated 2008–2010. Categories (B), (C), (D), (Е) entries should be dated 2000–2010.

2. Entries accepted from individual artists as well as groups of artists.

3. Number of works submitted is unlimited.

4. No special format or printing techniques requirements for posters and other printing.

5. No participation fee.

6. Works submitted must be accompanied by Entry Form and Entry Label filled in print letters. One label per work must be attached to the back of the work, right bottom side, with adhesive tape (no glue!). Make a copy of the Entry Form if necessary or print it out from www.goldenbee.org. All entry titles must be also translated into English, if provided in a different language.

7. In order to be reproduced in the Biennale catalogue, all entries should be supplied with their electronic versions on CD-DVD. Technical requirements: EPS, TIFF, PDF, JPG formats, 300 dpi, 20 cm on the larger side, CMYK + fonts.

8. Names of the designers whose works are selected for participation will be published by the Pre-Selection Committee on the Biennale website.

9. Please note that all submitted works and CDs/DVDs remain in the Golden Bee Biennale collection and are not to be returned. Organizers have the right to exhibit and publish biennale works for non-commercial purposes. The author must sign the entry form, which indicates his/her acceptance of the terms and conditions of the contest.


Additional Conditions for Category (D) Entries

10. Works should be submitted in the following formats: AVI, MP4, MPEG2, DVD, QuickTime Movie, HD 720 and HD 1080, flash-files (.swf, .flv). Valid aspect ratio: 1:3, 4:3 and 16:9. Works on VHS will not be accepted.

11. Interactive projects are accepted as flash-files (.swf, .flv) and DVD-menu (VIDEO_TS folder). If the interactive program uses external materials, the work must be provided in a ZIP-archive format with preservation of the internal structure of folders, ensuring integrity of the project.

12. Full technical description with visualization examples must be supplied for innovative projects. Projects are implemented at the full expense of their authors.

13. The amount of disk space occupied by a single project should not exceed 500 MB.

14. Timing of one project should not exceed 10 minutes. Projects longer than 1 minute should be provided with a short presentation lasting less than a minute.

15. All projects must be accompanied by printable file(s) to be reproduced in the catalogue - no more than 6 images/frames (EPS, TIFF, PDF, and/or JPG formats, 300 dpi, 6 to 16 cm on the larger side, CMYK + fonts.)

16. Entries for category (D) can be uploaded to the Biennale server. Please fill in a special form on the Biennale website.



April 15, 2010


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